Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Quick post

Yesterday we went to Downtown Disney and Lily found a new friend.

Lily & Daddy at Animal Kingdom.

I think this is in Animal Kingdom. Were Lily first spotted her new friend.

The Sanders in front of Nessie, made entirely out of Legos. Yup, Legos.
Mommy & Lily with some Lego Peeps & their dogs.
Manly men trying out some salt scrub.
Who is that pretty girl in the mirror.
A smaller version of Lily's new friend Minnie. One she got to take home.
Chillin' with Minnie.

All tuckered out.

Playing with Minnie & Grandma D on the ride home.

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danraymac said...

looks like those 3 guys washing their hands need to grow them a pair! pansies!