Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Random Pictures...

We still don't have batteries for the new camera because they are a special kind of battery, but I thought I would post some pictures that I had sent to me from various family members.
One of Lily's favorite words is "Sit!" Meaning if she is sitting somewhere she wants you to sit with her, even if it is a counter top in Florida!
This girl loves books & magazines!
Ice cream at Tommy Lancaster's.
She also loves to write and color.
Laying down with her cousin Savannah.
Putting her cousin Jake in a headlock.
I will try to get batteries this weekend and get some video of her talking. Lily has really started talk these last couple of weeks. Baby Sanders and Mommy are both doing well, we had an ultrasound on Monday. The Doctor said everything looked great and we will get to find out the sex on October the 8th.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

We Have Been Busy

So sorry for the lack of updates. We have been busy these past few weeks, the girls went to Nolin Lake with the camping group while I stayed home to clean out the basement to try to get it finished, so that we have more room when Baby number 2 comes along.

The batteries in the camera died so we don't have any new pictures to post.

So life around here has been busy but loads of fun, Lily is really starting to talk and remember people's names and her new favorite thing is to ask "What's this?" I will try to get some video of her talking and being the goofball that she is soon.