Monday, March 16, 2009

Aunt Jessica's Wedding

Here are some picture from Lily's Aunt Jessica's wedding. We were all in it!
Credit for the awesome pictures goes to Leslie @ Letography. Thanks Leslie!
Grandma S. & Lily.

The Bride & her Flower Girls.

Lily's Mommy.
Lily @ Rehearsal.
Lily & Grandpa D. at the Reception.
Our grand entrance to the reception.
Our escape from the wedding.
Lily's entrance to the wedding.
Aunt Jessica & Lily.
Sorry they are out of order. I have a ton to go through and I hope to post more again later.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Making Pizza

Hey! Here are some pictures from dinner the other night & some cute ones to go with them. I have pcitures from Jessica's wedding too but I need to make sure its ok with Leslie before I post them.
Working the dough.
Lily loves to help.
The finished product & the proud chefs.
Self portrait of Daddy & Lily.
This was lily's Valentine's Day outfit.Suprise!
Lily raiding the 'fridge.
All tuckered out.