Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Maggie's Camera

Maggie just brought me her camera so I'll post some pictures from it as well.
Riding in the stroller at Animal Kingdom.
Sittin' on Dad's lap on the safari at Animal Kingdom.
Aunt Maggie & Lily playing on a big stuffed Chacha the Treefrog at Rainforest Cafe.
Still playing on Chacha.
Helping Mom & Dad update the blog.
If you look close you can see Lily's new Tinkerbell cellphone.

Quick post

Yesterday we went to Downtown Disney and Lily found a new friend.

Lily & Daddy at Animal Kingdom.

I think this is in Animal Kingdom. Were Lily first spotted her new friend.

The Sanders in front of Nessie, made entirely out of Legos. Yup, Legos.
Mommy & Lily with some Lego Peeps & their dogs.
Manly men trying out some salt scrub.
Who is that pretty girl in the mirror.
A smaller version of Lily's new friend Minnie. One she got to take home.
Chillin' with Minnie.

All tuckered out.

Playing with Minnie & Grandma D on the ride home.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Pics from Hanna's camera...

Here are some pictures from Aunt Hanna's camera.
Lily taking a bite out of daddy's burger at the Rainforest Cafe.
Sittin in a Dawgs rocker at Cracker Barrel on the way down.
Hanging out with Aunt Maggie.
Shhh. We weren't supposed to take pictures at the Finding Nemo Musical. Which by the way was excellent. Lily Loved it before she fell asleep.
Another picture with Goofy.

Thanks for the pics Aunt Hanna.
I'll try to post some more sometime later today.

Family Vacation

Here are some pictures from our vacation. Sorry there not in any kind of order but we have taken sooo many pictures and I havent had time to go through them here are some highlights.
Mommy & Lily with our pals Goofy & Donald Duck.
Lily & Daddy playing in the pool.
Lily & Mommy in the pol.
Lily & Grandma D. in the pool.
Lily loooooves carrot sticks. She gnawed on this one for almost an hour.
Riding piggyback with the Momma.
Lily & Momma in Disney's Animal Kingdom. Which was an awesome themepark.
We got rained on at Animal Kingdom. Aunt Maggie let us borrow her shirt to keep from getting too wet. Lily loves hanging out with Grandpa D.
Here's the family with Mickey.
Family in Dinoland, USA inside Animal Kingdom.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

7 Months Already? No Way...

Was it just yesterday, that she was born? Look how big she is getting.

Finally a picture without the sign in her mouth.

Who me?

Mmmm... Q-Tip...

Now that Lily has some teeth we make sure she practices good oral hygiene.

Here is Mom & Lily at Mercedes baby shower.
Check out the new kicks.
Such a pretty girl.
Grandpa Sanders & Lily having some fun.
Grrrr... See my new teeth. They still have that new teeth smell.
Whatcha lookin at?
Shopping with Momma, chewing on a stuffed Banana, yeah that's how we roll.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Congrats Jason, Tera & Will...

We just found out that Jason & Tera are expecting. So a big congrats goes out there. Here are some pics from Nick & Mary-Kate's wedding courtesy of Jason, Tera & Will's website...

Lily & The Sasquatch. Just kidding that's her cousin Jason.
Jason & Lily again.
Lily, Aunt Jessica & the beautiful bride, Mary-Kate.
Lily, Aunt Jessica & Mary-Kate again.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Quick Post

Here is a quick post before we go see the new cousin, Mercedes.
There is a fish in the pool!
Get it Lily.
Got it!
Ummmm Plastic.
Check out that Indiana Jones Hat!
Kisses for the Mommy.
Check out my shoes.
This is our new swimsuit Grandpa D. got her.
Ruffles on the tush. How Cute!
Relaxing with dad in the pool.