Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Family Vacation

Here are some pictures from our vacation. Sorry there not in any kind of order but we have taken sooo many pictures and I havent had time to go through them here are some highlights.
Mommy & Lily with our pals Goofy & Donald Duck.
Lily & Daddy playing in the pool.
Lily & Mommy in the pol.
Lily & Grandma D. in the pool.
Lily loooooves carrot sticks. She gnawed on this one for almost an hour.
Riding piggyback with the Momma.
Lily & Momma in Disney's Animal Kingdom. Which was an awesome themepark.
We got rained on at Animal Kingdom. Aunt Maggie let us borrow her shirt to keep from getting too wet. Lily loves hanging out with Grandpa D.
Here's the family with Mickey.
Family in Dinoland, USA inside Animal Kingdom.

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The McAfee Trio said...

yea! what fun memories!!