Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Happy Easter! Hope everybody's Easter was as fun as ours was.
The Easter Bunny brought Lily a baby doll.
And some other fun things.
As you can see Lily loves stickers.
Seriously loves the stickers.
She had a blast dyeing the eggs. Even when ther were finished she wanted to put them back in for more color.
Pretty Girl.
So cute.
Playing with Mommy's Easter Decorations.
My new favorite picture of Lily.
This one is a close second.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

More Newport Pictures

More pictures from our trip to the newport aquarium.
Outside this tunnel was the shark tank. It was huge.
Lily & Aunt Maggie in the parakeet area.
An Orange Shoulder Tang. They swim very fast.
Thread-fin Lookdown fish.
A Penguin running.
A small Shark. You could pet these in their Lagoon.
Yellow Tang.
Orange Shoulder Tang.
Another Alligator.
Divers in the shark tank.
Lionfish. He is the size of a soccer ball.
A Large Saltwater Clam. This one is the size of a Baseketball.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Spring Break Trip & Other Pictures

We took a trip to the Newport Aquarium over spring break and I took a ton of pictures here are some I will try to post some more later this week.
Newport was very cool. The sharks were huge and there were so many.
A Moorish Idol. One of the coolest looking saltwater fish.
Lily touching a Horseshoe Crab.
She wasn't too sure about it until Aunt Maggie did it first.
Mommy, Aunt Maggie and Lily on our way into the aquarium.
Our daughter is soooo cute!

See what I mean?
Just hanging out in her stroller.
Lily playing with Daddy's birthday present.
My Daughter the Rockstar!