Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Our 3rd Anniversary

The 3rd Anniversary is leather or crystal. So I had this brilliant idea of what to get Emily for it I got her a Leather photo album and had Leslie from Letography meet me to get some pictures of Lily to fill the photo album.
I am still surprised how many good shots Leslie managed to get.
How cute.
Too cute.
By the way Emily loved the pictures!
How could she not with such a pretty girl in the pictures.
Thanks so much to Leslie who put up with a little attitude from Lily and still managed to get some great pictures out of it.
I will try to post some more later.


The McAfee Pack said...

leslie is one of a kind. she is awesome!!

Emily, Lily, & Scotty said...

Leslie was awesome, Lily was not in the best of moods and Leslie still got awesome pictures.

Terry and Leslie said...

Well thank you both! She is so cute!