Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Some Pics from Grandma S. Camera

Here are some random pictures from Grandma Sandy's camera. Also big news, Lily now has 4 teeth and walked on her 11th month birthday! She is now toddering all over the house.
Lily was a Butterfly for Halloween.
Lily & Daddy at the car dealership when we were buying the F150.

Lily, Grandma Doris, Mommy & Aunt Maggie.

Lily in her sweet Bere.

Lily & Mommy at a wedding we attended.

Lily & Mommy sleeping at the Rehmel/Gardner Family Reunion.
Uncle Randy, Lily & Lily's Cousin Will.
Aunt Terri & Lily at Nick & Mary-Kate's Wedding.
Lily & Grandma Sandy with Lily's cousins Drew & Savannah.

And last but not least Lily in her butterfly costume walking. We have more pictures from Halloween and from our trip to the zoo for the world's largest halloween party. I'll try to update again later this week.

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The McAfee Pack said...

i love seeing pictures of her! she is so pretty!