Monday, September 1, 2008

New pictures & videos

Heres are some new pictures and a couple of videos of our girl from this past week.
Lily waving from her horse.
What a cute hat!
Eating some pizza crust.
Check Lily's cool new bow Mommy made for her.
So pretty.

Lily pushing her walker around camp this weekend.

Lily playing patty cake.


Terry and Leslie said...

Aww I love her flower bow! She is so cute!

Emily, Lily, & Scotty said...

There are plenty more where that one came from, I think Emily made like 6 or 7 different ones. I will have to get her to take some pictures of Lily with them on.

Grammy Sandy said...

Em, you are so talented and the bows are beautiful. Not to mention that cutie of a model you have there! And Daddy you need to learn a girl can never have too many pretties to wear. LOL