Monday, May 26, 2008

Fun This Weekend.

We had alot of fun this weekend. We went camping & swimming.
Brushing your teeth? But, you don't have any teeth yet!
In Grandma & Grandpa D's Pool.
One of our christmas presents. Thanks Aunt Hanna!
Boy, once she got used to the water she looooooved this thing.
Can you see her feet? She has them crossed like she is relaxing.
Lily & Daddy having fun.Lily got some water squirters for easter. She thinks they are teethers.


The McAfee Trio said...

does grandma and grandpa D's pool have a heater in it or what? i thought that it would be a little cold.


Emily, Lily, & Scotty said...

Nope, no heater but it was 82 degrees in the pool yesterday, so not too bad